We have contacted all competitors directly, but we wanted to share that one of the two ice sheets we planned to use for the Atlanta Open will not be available due to a mechanical issue. We've done our best to work around this loss. NQS events may have minor schedule changes, but we had to make the difficult decision to cancel a number of events from the non-qualifying competition. AFSC is still looking forward to hosting a high-quality competition with our usual outstanding officials. To the skaters whose events have been canceled, we offer our sincere apologies. It breaks our hearts to let you down; we know how hard skaters work leading up to a competition, and we're so very sorry to disappoint you. - The following non-qual events have been canceled: Spins, Jumps, Compulsories, No Test FS, Preliminary FS and Adult FS. - We are hosting some non-qual events at Center Ice on Friday - Officials are supporting extended competition hours in order to accommodate rescheduled events Practice Ice is being reorganized to fit within the new schedule. Please remember that practice ice can only be booked through EMS, so please do not contact the rinks. We are actively updating the schedule of events and practice ice in EMS. Please bear with us until the end of Tuesday (Aug 22nd) and then raise any concerns you may have to competitions@atlantafsc.com. Thank you for your understanding and patience, and again, our apologies to those skaters who have been impacted. We will keep communicating with our competitors about any changes, so please keep an eye on your emails. Atlanta Figure Skating Club