Axel Club Requirements

All skaters in good standing with the club who have passed the Juvenile free skate test or Adult Gold free skate test (with Axel jump completed) will be inducted into the Axel Club automatically.

Other members who can produce qualifying/non-qualifying IJS protocols with no negative markings and neutral or positive GOEs for single, double or triple Axels will also qualify. All qualifiers will receive an Axel Club / Double Axel Club pin as appropriate. 


Axel Club – Complete one clean single Axel; two attempts Bronze level judge or higher

Double Axel Club – Complete one clean double Axel; two attempts Regional Singles/Pairs Competition Appointment judge or higher, or:

  • Submit a competition protocol from a non-qualifying or Championship Series event dated July 1, 2021 until present.
  • Protocol must show a clean double Axel (no questionable entries, edges, rotations, etc.).
  • Protocol must show all positive grades of execution ranging from 0 to +5.

Triple Axel (although there is not a Club yet!) – Complete one clean triple Axel; two attempts Regional Singles/Pairs Competition Appointment judge or higher

Those who wish to test can also be evaluated at a test session (pending approval by the Test Chair) or at Club Ice if a judge is available. Those who wish to test the double or triple Axel must be evaluated by a qualified level judge.

AFSC axel club logo

Axel Club Members

Maria Aozono-Araldi
Enzo Aozono-Araldi
Leia Beinenson
Kristen Berner
Kennedy Bodnarek
Georgia Bolocon
Emily Brown
Sarah Cairo
Katherine Chapman
Kylie Casey
Rachel Cho
Kennedy Cody
Amaya Cruz
Ava Daniels
Sinyee De Cleir
Katelyn Dixon
Helena Fisher
Triniti Fong
Madeline Freeman
Audrey Kate Johnson
Hannah-Lisa Jones

Leanna Jones
Elvira Junnila
Jalal Karimov
Jeslyn Kim
Kaitlyn Kim
Terry Kim
Katia Kochengina
Audrey Latham
Jin’an Li
Mingda Liu
Rebecca Matthews
Amelia Marsh
Marika Mathers
Emily McDaniel
Kaitlyn McGarigle
Katie Nix
Katie Palmer
Hannah Park
Rachel Park
Ruhee Parker
Emma Perez

Jagger Rogers
Talia Russell
Chloe Rutter
River Sawyer
Melanie Schael
Isabel Schaum
Bailey Snead
Heather Staples
Alek Tankovic
Soucci Taylor
Valentina Trentoni
Katie Trizzino
Frances Umezaki-Oba
Kendra Wang
PJ Whalen
Anna Scott Wieler
Lily Xie
Hasita Yalamanchili
Andrew Yang

Double Axel Club Members

Emily Brown

Katia Kochengina

Marika Mathers (23)

Kaitlyn McGarigle (22)

Alek Tankovic