The following awards are presented to deserving individuals at the annual Atlanta FSC banquet.  A brief description of each award is given below, click on the award name for the list of recipients.

  • The Pinky Ager Award

    Also known as coach of the year award.

  • The Judy Williams Award

    This award is named in honor of Judy Williams who served an amazing 12 years as Test Chair. The award goes to the skater who has passed the most tests.

  • Lucille Morgan Judge’s Award

    Also known as the judge of the year award.

  • The Rutherford Ellis President’s Award

    This award encompasses the person that the President feels knows the club’s past, where we are now and where we hope to be in the future. This would be the person who assists the President to honor Rud’s memory and keep a steady course and hold true to the mission and purpose of the Atlanta Figure Skating Club. 

  • The Outstanding Skater Award

    The Outstanding Skater Awards honor the Atlanta Figure Skating Club members whose achievements both on and off the ice have surpassed those of all others during one skating year.

    The Outstanding Skater Awards were created at the suggestion of Susan Johnson.  They were donated for several years since their inception in 1971 by a small group of concerned adult Club members including Mrs. Johnson, Mr. Rud Ellis, Mrs. Patsy Morris, and Mrs. Lee Schaffer, with Mrs. Lucille Morgan joining the group in the late 1980s.  Until the deaths of Mrs. Morris in 1987 and Mrs. Morgan in 1999, this group selected the recipients, basing its choices upon observation and upon information the group has compiled from test and competition records and reports of service to the Atlanta skating community. The award recipients are now selected by the Board of Directors and awarded in three categories:

    1. Senior:  Senior, Junior, Novice free skate test passed
    2. Junior:  Intermediate and Juvenile free skate test passed
    3. Freshman:  Pre-Preliminary – Pre-Juvenile free skate test passed

    Four guidelines govern the selection of winners:

    1. The skater must be a Club member in good standing.
    2. The skater must fall into one of the established achievement categories, based on his or her test level at the beginning of the skating year.
    3. The skater must not have been a winner at the same level in a previous year.
    4. The skater must exhibit unusual achievement, which truly stands out from all others at that level.
  • Adult Skater of the Year

    The Adult Skater Award is voted on by the adult skaters for the person who has shown the most improvement over the last year.

  • Bruce Stultz Silver Blade Award

    This award is given to the skater who demonstrates a willingness to help others, thus promoting goodwill and love of the sport.  This award is voted on by the skaters and from 1995 forward will have two names each year representing skaters from different facilities.

  • Golden Boot Award

    The Golden Boot award is one of the oldest awards presented by the Atlanta Figure Skating Club.  The boot itself on this lovely trophy was an outgrown skate owned by one of the sons of Dr. Whitmore, a former president of the AFSC.  Although first awarded in 1961 as a “tongue in cheek” presentation, over the years it has come instead to represent a standard of hard work and volunteerism on the Club’s behalf.  Past recipients include club presidents, judges, parents, and the person after whom the Silver Blade Award is named, Bruce Stultz, and his wife Mary, the founders of Parkaire.  The Golden Boot Award represents the many hours of time donated by dedicated people to the Atlanta Figure Skating Club and U.S. Figure Skating.

  • The Joann Oehlert Spirit Award

    Joann Oehlert began group classes in 1974 with two of her friends at the Igloo rink in Atlanta.  Joann was a sincere and down to earth person with a wonderful dry sense of humor.  Though Joann and her husband Ben had no children of their own, they were always a big part of making the annual Club shows a success.

    In 1980 when the AFSC hosted Nationals, Joann took the entire week off from work to help with the event.  Nearly every skater at the rink had a pair of mittens hand-made by Joann.  Some even believed they were good luck charms.  There is no doubt, though, that ice skating was her favorite pastime.

    Joann had many accomplishments on the ice, but she was most challenged when attempting to learn the Axel.  She probably landed a few; however, with grim determination she never stopped trying.

    In 1983, Joann was diagnosed with cancer.  This did not stop her, however; her spirits were always up with an unbelievably positive attitude.  It is very appropriate that the Joann Oehlert Spirit Award is named in her honor.  Throughout all life’s battles she never lost her will, determination, or her spirit.

  • The Lewis Elkin Dance Award

    Before coming to Atlanta, Mr. Elkin taught in Baltimore and Buffalo, later becoming Director of Figure Skating at the Rochester Institute of Technology.  Even though he was well versed in all disciplines of skating, he chose to focus on dance and figures.  While in Rochester he taught many influential people in the skating world, including Ritter Shumway, a past president of U.S. Figure Skating and an institution in the skating community.

    Mr. Elkin didn’t arise at 5:00 am to make money, but rather to give back something to a sport that he loved so much.  He only wanted to help people, skaters, and fellow coaches alike.  He had a wonderful sense of humility, never realizing that he had forgotten more than most people will ever learn, a rare and fine quality in today’s world.  Cancer was the only obstacle Mr. Elkin couldn’t overcome, and in 1989, at age 84, Mr. Elkin passed away.  He is missed and remembered by many.

    The recipient of the Lewis Elkin Dance Award is the skater who has demonstrated a high level of achievement in dance over the past year.