Communication of Club activities and announcements are through posts to this website, Email, Social Media and the Bulletin Board at the rink.  Please submit all posts to the Communications Committee Chair.

All electronic communication of any kind between all adults and minors, including use of social media, should be non-personal in nature and be for the purpose of communicating information about skating-related activities.

Coaches, volunteers and skaters may use email and text messaging to communicate among each other about non-personal matters. Emails and text messages from an adult to any minor participant should copy or include a parent.

The club academic scholarship requirements have changed to eliminate a commitment to future figure skating involvement and to expand past and current volunteer requirements to include both figure skating and community service.

The scholarship is available to all Atlanta FSC members in good standing who have been full members for at least three consecutive years and who are/will be full-time students pursuing a degree at an accredited four-year college/university, junior or community college, or graduate school. Academically, the applicant must have achieved a 3.0 GPA (on a 4.0 scale) or 3.75 (on a 5.0 scale).

While the Atlanta FSC sincerely appreciates all donations, we generally do not sponsor fundraising activities for individual skaters. We do encourage donors to make contributions to the Atlanta FSC Skaters and Officials Fund (SAOF) which was established to assist those who demonstrate financial need. The SAOF committee, which is separate from the Board of Directors, is responsible for reviewing all applications, with the club treasurer functioning as a conduit/facilitator in this process.

Potential donors should be aware that while a contribution can be restricted for a specific purpose within the club, the donation cannot be directed for the benefit of a particular person. Directed contributions are not tax deductible. Federal tax guidelines for 501c3 organizations dictate that the club maintain discretion and control over the use and application of the donated funds.

In the event of inclement weather (hazardous road conditions, dangerous storms), Atlanta FSC events such as test sessions, special events, and Club Ice will be cancelled if Fulton County schools are closed. For test sessions, if your school system is closed and Fulton County schools are open, the test session will be conducted, but the skater may be rescheduled.

For the safety and welfare of the skater, non-flash photography and videography will be permitted in the stands only. No one will be allowed to obstruct the view of other seated spectators by standing in front of or hanging over the plexiglass barriers or to film at alternative ice entrances. In order to comply with local fire safety codes, all aisles within the stands must also be


Non-compliance with this policy or refusal to comply immediately with requests from event officials will result in the violator being escorted out of the rink.

The Atlanta FSC appreciates its members’ pride and enthusiasm and understands that members and friends enjoy displaying the name and logos of the Club and our competitions. The club name, club logo, club-sponsored events and our competitions names and logos, however, are the property of the club and may not be used on any item or product without the Board’s written permission. This also applies to the club colors, when used in the Atlanta FSC-specific combination and associated with the club. This is applicable whether or not the item is sold and, if it is sold, whether or not the seller makes a profit, and whether or not the event is sanctioned.

The Board requests your understanding and cooperation in protecting our club name and logos. If we do not protect them, then any person, corporation or organization can appropriate them and use them in ways that will not benefit our club, which would harm all club members.

The Board accepts proposals from business sources, both members and non-members, concerning the sale of Atlanta FSC merchandise. All proposals must be submitted to the membership chair for review by the Merchandising Committee.

Applications must be registered through EntryEeze 21 days prior to the requested test date. Applications will be accepted on a first come-first served basis. If your application is processed after the closing date or if the test session is full, your test will be rescheduled for the next session. Late applications will be accepted only if a test session is not full. The test candidate must then pay 1½ times the fee for that test.

If you have any questions, please contact the Test Chair.

Prospective test candidates must be members in good standing, meaning all dues must be paid in full before testing.

Members of the Atlanta FSC may test on test sessions hosted by the Georgia FSC, the Greenville FSC, the Birmingham FSC, and the Columbus Skating Academy at home club rates.

The Atlanta FSC membership year runs from July 1 through June 30 of the following year. The AFSC offers a number of various types of membership. Click here for more information about joining the Atlanta Figure Skating Club.

The Atlanta Figure Skating Club enjoys a strong reputation within the skating community due to our dedicated and talented pool of volunteers! As a non-profit organization, the club relies 100% on its members for its successful operation and sponsored events. Therefore, all Full skating, Bridge and Adult members are required to select one of the following options when registering for membership
1.       Full members must contribute a minimum of eight (8) hours of service per membership year or pay an annual, upfront service fee equal to Full membership dues (additional $200).
2.       Adult members must contribute a minimum of eight (8) hours of service per membership year or pay an annual, upfront service fee equal to Adult membership dues (additional $130).
3.       Bridge members must contribute a minimum of four (4) hours of service or pay an annual upfront service fee equal to Bridge membership dues (additional $100).
I acknowledge and agree to these terms of membership and understand that I will be unable to renew membership in any U.S. Figure Skating Club if I have not fulfilled my service hours requirement or paid the service fee by the end of the membership season.
All service hours must be performed by an adult (age 18+), except for runners ages 9 -18.  It is ultimately each member’s responsibility to contact the Volunteer Chair to ensure fulfillment of time requirements. This is a wonderful opportunity to get involved with your club, meet some new members, and have fun while supporting both figure skating and the Atlanta Figure Skating Club.   A Volunteer Log notebook is available at most club events for recording hours. If you do not have access to the Volunteer Log notebook during an event, record your service hours on Individual Volunteer Log.  It is ultimately each member’s responsibility to ensure that time requirements are met. Junior members who need community service hours for school, or simply want to give back to the club, may volunteer for certain positions. Note – these hours do not count toward the required family minimum.

The AFSC welcomes all members as well as families and friends to volunteer in any club sponsored activities.  (e.g., competitions, Club Ice, special events, and test sessions.)

For further information, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator.

Members will not be in good standing if they do not volunteer the prescribed number of hours for their membership type or do not pay the fee prescribed in lieu of volunteering. The Board, at its discretion, may excuse any member experiencing hardship. The member must send an application in writing to the club president, who must present the application to a meeting of the Board for approval.

The purpose of this fund is to provide financial assistance to skaters and figure skating officials, who represent the Atlanta Figure Skating Club (AFSC).  Awards are based on financial need, promise as a singles, pairs, ice dancing or synchronized skater, contribution to the sport of figure skating, character and sportsmanship.


  1. Applicant must be an eligible member of U.S. Figure Skating, as defined in the U.S. Figure Skating rulebook.
  2. Applicant must be a member in good standing of the AFSC, which must be his/her home club.
  3. A skating applicant must be a full skating member of the AFSC for a minimum of two consecutive years.
  4. To qualify for competition expenses, a skating applicant must have passed the figures, free skating, moves in the field, pair, dance or synchronized tests necessary to enter events skated at U.S. Figure Skating qualifying competitions.
  5. To qualify for official expenses, a U.S. Figure Skating official applicant (judge, referee, accountant, or other) must hold at least the initial appointment for his/her category.  Example:  Bronze test judge, Regional referee, etc.
  6. Applicants will be eligible for financial assistance one time per year.

The Committee cannot consider applications from persons who have not met the requirements stipulated above.