Good morning! Except for events 151-155, all our results should be posting online on the same page where the Starting Orders are found. Simple go to where your event’s starting orders were, and look for them there!

IJS Events

In the Status column:

  • Live Unofficial means that the event is in progress and each skater’s marks are being posted as they are available
  • Unofficial means that the event has finished but the results may still be in the process of review
  • Final means that the event has finished and the results have been finalized

Occasionally an event completes but remains in Unofficial status; we’re working to make sure those are changed to final. Sometimes an event cannot be tracked live (“live unofficial” status), in which case the results will be uploaded all at once after the event has concluded.

6.0 Events

When the words “Start Order” disappear from the end of the Segments column, the result is available to be viewed!

Events 151-155

Results for these events will be posted on this website.