Hosting a figure skating competition takes a village of volunteers. Even the highest level competitions require volunteers to make the event work smoothly. The following roles describe the types of duties you can do as a competition volunteer. Got questions? Contact our volunteer chair at


Registration is where we welcome competitors and give them the information they need. Volunteer opportunities in registration include roles such as Skater check-in, Coach and Official check-in, awards table, and practice ice sales. These roles are well-suited for volunteers who enjoy interacting with people and providing customer service. Volunteers generally sit at a table and work with a team. Equipment and instructions are provided.  

Accounting Runners

Accounting Runners are key to a smoothly-run competition; they are responsible for swiftly delivering judges’ scores to the Accounting Room for processing, getting the results signed by event Referees, making photocopies and distributing the final, approved event results, keeping it all confidential until the results have been officially posted. This is a good role for adults and responsible younger volunteers who can keep a secret!

Practice Ice Monitor

Practice ice monitors ensure that the correct skaters are on the ice and announce the start and finish of the session. This role requires communication with the registration volunteers as practice ice sessions are sold to skaters on site. This is a great role for volunteers with good attention to detail and clear communication skills. Dress warmly with comfortable shoes. 

Event Monitor

Event monitors keep the competition going. Two event monitors are stationed per rink. Event monitors operate the rink doors and ensure the correct skaters get on the ice. This role requires communication with multiple volunteers and officials. This is a great role for volunteers with good attention to detail, clear communication skills, and enjoys multi-tasking. Dress warmly with comfortable shoes. 

Guard Runners

While skaters compete, Guard Runners bring the skate guards and personal effects placed in a bin to the rink exit. This is a great role for our younger volunteers aged 14 and under.

Music & Announcing

Get a front seat for competition by playing the program music or announcing skaters onto the ice. Music playlist and scripts are prepared ahead of time; volunteers only need to start and stop the music and announce skaters onto the ice and as they exit the ice. This role requires the volunteers to sit inside the rink for the entirety of their shift and work quietly alongside competition staff. Announcing is a great skill to add to your resume. This is a wonderful opportunity to play a vital role and catch all the action!

Officials’ and Coaches’ Hospitality

Ensure competition officials are fed and refreshed by stocking the hospitality room and helping to serve their catered meals. Keep coaches and officials caffeinated by maintaining hot beverage stations. 

Set Up/Breakdown

Join a team of volunteers for the initial setup the day before the competition or at the end of the competition to pack everything back up. This opportunity requires lots of walking, moving furniture, cleaning, packing, and some lifting. Additionally, teams of volunteers during setup cover the rink boards. It’s a great workout and a good assignment for those who cannot contribute time during the competition.  


Deliver results from accounting to registration and awards table and present skaters with medals at the podium.


To keep costs under control we ask for volunteers who can pick up officials when they arrive at Atlanta Hartsfield airport and bring them to the hotel. At the end of officials’ time at the competition volunteers drive them back to the airport. Locally we also need help shuttling officials between the hotel and the rink on the competition days.