The Atlanta Figure Skating Club enjoys a strong reputation within the skating community due to our dedicated and talented pool of volunteers! As a non-profit organization, the club relies 100% on its members for its successful operation and sponsored events. Therefore, all Full skating, Bridge and Adult members are required to select one of the following options when registering for membership:

1.       Full members must contribute a minimum of eight (8) hours of service per membership year or pay an annual, upfront service fee equal to Full membership dues (additional $200).

2.       Adult members must contribute a minimum of eight (8) hours of service per membership year or pay an annual, upfront service fee equal to Adult membership dues (additional $130).

3.       Bridge members must contribute a minimum of four (4) hours of service or pay an annual upfront service fee equal to Bridge membership dues (additional $100).

When registering, members acknowledge and agree to these terms of membership and acknowledge that they will be unable to renew membership in any U.S. Figure Skating Club if they have not fulfilled their service hours requirement or paid the service fee by the end of the membership season.

All service hours must be performed by an adult (age 18+), except for runners ages 9 -18.  It is ultimately each member’s responsibility to contact the Volunteer Chair to ensure fulfillment of time requirements. This is a wonderful opportunity to get involved with your club, meet some new members, and have fun while supporting both figure skating and the Atlanta Figure Skating Club.   A Volunteer Log notebook is available at most club events for recording hours. If you do not have access to the Volunteer Log notebook during an event, record your service hours on Individual Volunteer Log.  It is ultimately each member’s responsibility to ensure that time requirements are met. Junior members who need community service hours for school, or simply want to give back to the club, may volunteer for certain positions. Note – these hours do not count toward the required family minimum.
The AFSC welcomes all members as well as families and friends to volunteer in any club sponsored activities.  (e.g., competitions, Club Ice, special events, and test sessions.)

The Atlanta FSC is also looking for highly motivated volunteers to fill leadership roles within the club. Mentors are available to assist you. Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator if interested.

Volunteering is a wonderful way to get involved with the club, meet new members, and learn about the beautiful sport of figure skating. Please consider donating more than six hours. The more hours you contribute, the more events the club can offer our skaters, thus maximizing fun and the value of membership!

We invite you to join in the fun & help create memories for our skaters!

To learn about volunteer opportunities, please contact the Volunteer Chair or check out our Current Volunteer Opportunities.