Organizing a figure skating competition is no small feat, and as the saying goes, “it takes a village”. With that said, we extend our sincere thanks to all of the volunteers who have generously contributed their time, skills and materials to our competition and we also offer our appreciation to the officials and organizers listed below for helping to create and run this event for the skaters.


Chief Referee Gregory Cannon
Chief Accountant John Herbert
Technical Accountant Cathy Brinkman
Accountant Michael Rowland
Judges Marc Galonsky
  Anna Goeppner
  Catherine Hackney
  Tea Junnila
  Lori Malthaner
  Julie Pierce
  Sara Stephens
  Breelie Taylor
  Soucci Taylor
  Christina Vandermissen
  Ginger Whatley
  Brook Ziegler
Technical Panel Ann Barr
  Steven Belanger
  Cheryl Faust
  Dana Graham
  Laura Murphy
  Pam Pangle
  Paula Trujillo

Local Organizing Committee

Competition Chair, Registrar Tea Junnila
Co Competition Chair Lori Malthaner
Technical Chair John Herbert
Registration Chair, Registrar Amy Kilheffer
Volunteer Coordination Atlee Breland
Music and Announcing Chair Todd Pettigrew
  Paul Detwiler
Medical Chair Lindsay McDaniel
Transportation Liaison Sarah Bolocan
Hospitality Chair Nikki Belmonte
Information Coordinator & Sanitation Chair Kim Detwiler
Compliance Chair Catherine Hackney