Which Events Are Eligible for a Test Credit?

As of March 2023, the following levels are eligible for Test Credit:

Discipline Eligible Competition Events Link to Score Requirements
Singles Well-Balanced FS: Juvenile/Open Juvenile, Intermediate, Novice, Junior, Senior
Excel/Excel Plus FS: Juvenile, Intermediate
Excel FS: Novice, Junior, Senior
Adult FS: Silver, Gold
Masters FS: Intermediate-Novice, Junior-Senior (scores determine Test equivalency)
Pairs Pairs: Juvenile, Intermediate, Novice, Junior, Senior TN280
Free Dance FD: Juvenile, Intermediate, Novice, Junior, Senior TN279
Solo Free Dance Solo FD: Juvenile, Intermediate, Novice, Junior, Senior TN278

Obtaining and Submitting a Test Credit Request

Per the 2022-2023 U.S. Figure Skating Rulebook, Rule 4200, skaters can apply for Test Credit from an IJS Protocol at a sanctioned competition.

Required Documentation


If the athlete’s event type and level is eligible for Test Credit, then a Test Credit should be requested from the hosting club prior to the start of the competition. After the event is completed, if the athlete has met the criteria for Test Credit, then the Accounting team for the competition will create a Test Packet, which contains:

  1. A copy of the event segment results with the signature of the Referee and Technical Controller
  2. The overall event results and the candidate’s individual protocol;
  3. A copy of the Test Credit Skater Report, confirming that the skater “passed”.

Take clear photos or scans of these documents, as the athlete (or their parent) will need to submit them.


The athlete’s Coach must submit a statement from their Coach affirming that the results are correct and unaltered. The coach can write their own statement, but we recommend using the IJS Test Credit Coach Affidavit template (PDF), also available in Microsoft Word format.

Submitting the Test Credit Request

  • Scan or take clear photos of:
  1. The event results with Referee/Technical Controller signatures
  2. The athlete’s protocol detail
  3. The Test Credit Skater Report

  • Select the current, active Test Credit option (in this example, it says Magnolia Open) and choose “Click here to register”:

  • You will be presented with a form to fill in, and required to upload the three documents prepared above. You can then process the payment ($35 + fees) for processing of the Test Credit request and submit the request.