Magnolia Open 2022

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

The competition has ended, and we are left with the echoes of applause for all the skaters who took part. That leaves us needing to offer up some thank yous so we'll start with the competitors, without whom we'd be sitting around staring at the ice. We had such a wide span of levels and ages, it was a wonderful event to watch. We were especially thrilled to host some Special Olympics events with some wonderful competitors and for the first time we had Theater On Ice and Synchro events too, with critiques provided by National Synchro and TOI [...]

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What a Great First Day!

Congratulations to everybody who skated yesterday! It takes courage and hard work to get out there on the ice in front of an audience, and we are proud of every single one of you! We had a nice mix of 6.0 and IJS events on Friday; today is all IJS, all the time.

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Today’s The Day!

The 2022 Magnolia Open begins today! Good luck to all our skaters! ♥

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Starting Orders Posted!

The Starting Orders for the 2022 Magnolia Open have been posted online! Check out the Starting Orders / Live Results link in the menu to the right. The Starting Orders for the 2022 Magnolia Open have been posted online! Check out the Starting Orders / Live Results link in the menu above.

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Photo Pre-Order Now Available (Discount Code!)

You can now pre-order photos of your skater from the wonderful Melanie Healey Photography and use the discount code MAGNOLIA22 for $5 off your pre-order. Coupon code will be valid until 11:59pm on Thursday, March 10. If you aren't sure about pre-ordering, just stop by the photography table near the Blue Rink. You'll be able to see photos about 15 mins after your/your skater's warmup group has finished competing.

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Video Pre-Order Now Available!

You can pre-order videos of your skater’s performance from Pro-Mix Sound & Video, our exclusive event videographer!

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Official Hotel

The official event hotel is the Homewood Suites by Hilton Atlanta-Alpharetta at 10775 Davis Drive Alpharetta, Georgia 30004, which is very close to The Cooler. Book using our discounted link.

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Announcement Updated (2/4/2022)

The 2022 Magnolia Open Announcement has been updated again, this time to incorporate some updated links and template content from US Figure Skating.Thank you.

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Updated Announcement!

Please check out the updated Competition Announcement, released today!

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