2023 Atlanta Open Skating Venues

Useful Things to Know

  • The Cooler has two sheets of ice:
    • Red Rink – to the left as you walk in the front doors
    • Blue Rink – to the right as you walk in the front doors
  • Both sheets have spectator seating available and we encourage you to watch as much skating as you can (there is no charge for spectators)
  • The Cooler has a large car park, and has entrances on both Westside Parkway and Davis Drive. There is a drop off loop in front of the main entrance.

  • The Cooler has a snack bar which should be open during much of the competition, but hours of operation are not yet published.  There are a number of nearby eateries on and around Mansell Road, including a Waffle House. (Editor’s Note: When I moved to Georgia, I asked why there were so many Waffle Houses everywhere; I was told that it’s because you can never have too many Waffle Houses. Make of that what you will.)
  • Public Restrooms are in the main foyer; turn right as you go in the front door, walk all the way to the far end, and they are hiding around a corner to the right. There’s also a water bottle refill station / water fountain there.